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[3] 死にたい人・生きることに疲れた人へ

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If you are thinking about ending your life, simply tired of living, losing all hopes in it, or perhaps looking for the real meaning of life, you know your answer is not in the physical world, since you've already looked in it and have not found it. So, the answer can only be found in the spiritual reality.

But, where exactly should we start when we want to learn about the spiritual world?  Well, we could go right to the very best of all best-sellers called the Bible, and should look no further.

Still today, it is said that about 100 million copies of Bible are sold every year worldwide, and people are experiencing and amazed by the power in it, finding the true ways to joy, peace, spiritual freedom, etc.  If you say, "No, that can't be true.  The Bible has been in my living room for years, and I didn't experience anything powerful.", then we dare ask you this, "Have you read it?".




First of all, the purpose of this blog is NOT to advertise or to lead readers to any specific religious organization.  While one must admit that we humans have been twisting around the Bible to work out religions, what the Bible teaches are quite different from so-called “religious teachings”.

So, how are they different?  Simply put, in a religion, one would be taught to work his/her way into a goal such as "salvation of soul" and "going into paradise".  In that system, one must earn the right to reach the goal through "good deeds" including offerings and physical disciplines.

On the other hand, the salvation, which should be accompanied by joy, peace, healing, restoration, sense of security, etc., according to the Bible, is an unconditional gift of love, and one's choice is whether to receive it or to reject it.

The real intention of this blog is to try to introduce the Bible as something truly wonderful, in an unconventional manner and without using "the church" (religious sounding) terms.







We'll go right to the point.  The Bible talks about "dying to self", and this is the way to go, and is far better than to keep living the way we know!

Let us take a look at a spot in the Bible called "The Gospel According to Luke", Chapter 9, verses 23 through 25, indicated as Luke 9:23-25.

23) Then He said to them all, If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.
24) For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it.
25) For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and is himself destroyed or lost?

So, what does this mean?  Simply put, it means we are to submit our lives to God.

The commonly accepted view in today's society seems completely the opposite of that.  Each person is supposed to “manage” and assume full responsibility for his/her own life and believe in self, which may sound quite right.  We may want to take a look at the society itself in which this view prevails, however.  How healthy is it or people in it?  How about you?

As for me, I once was a believer of the "believing in self" type of philosophy.  At that time, I had a decent job and status in society, and all my material needs were met.  So, I was not able to figure out the reason why when I was suddenly caught by this terrible sense of loneliness and emptiness, and I was forced to realize that my mind was completely unhealthy.  But that very sense eventually lead me to this extremely important question, which is in the verse 25 above: "For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and is himself destroyed or lost?"  Even today, I still regard this question as the most crucial question in one's life.  How about you?  What is your answer to this?

In any case, the idea presented in verse 24, which basically prompts us to lose life for His (God's) sake, sounds radical in any standard.  To some people this may even sound like approving of hardcore religious acts such as suicide bombing, but not so at all.  This verse actually is telling us who should be the navigator of our lives.  More specifically, the God-driven life suggested here involves learning of spiritual truths through the Bible and direct and active communications such as seeking directions, addressing a petition and thanking, through prayers, with the highest spiritual authority.

On the other hand, one who "desires to save his life" and "lose it", described in the same verse, is a person, like what I used to be, who keeps telling himself/herself that he/she is strong and that he/she can do anything if believing in self, and who is determined to live by his/her own will and through own decisions, refusing to let go of the navigator's seat.

One final thought. It is often said that those who believe in God are weak persons.  Yes, that is absolutely correct!  On the other hand, the statement that strong people do not need God would not make any sense, as it is clear that we humans are not strong beings.  None of us are.  You do not have to be a scientist to figure out how weak we are, against the nature and against our own fates, as both our scientific knowledge and our own history have proven the point over and over again.  It's just that only our foolishness and our pride make us want to believe we are strong. In this world, there are only those who admit they are weak and those who do not.  So the naturally drawn conclusion is that we all need God.

Let us call for your attention one more time.  If you are thinking about ending your life, yes, you can put an end to the self-driven life.  After admitting that you do not have the control over the nature or over your own fate, in other words, admitting you are weak, would you pass the control over to God and try out a new life?






端的に言うと、自分の命を神に明け渡してしまいなさいということになるでしょう。「何だ、他力本願の話かよ。。。」と言う人もいるかもしれませんね。ここでひとつ考えたいのですが、もし「自力本願」という言葉があったとしたら、たぶん「自分の人生は自分のために自分で責任を持って切り開いていこう」という事になるでしょうか。確かに一見聞こえもよく、多くの人が良い生き方として受け入れている、というか日本を含む世界中の一般社会で「主流」の生き方と言えますが、はたしてこの「自力本願」を提唱する今日の私たちの社会はどういう健康状態でしょうか?人々の心の健康状態は? そして今これを読んでいるあなたや、書いている私は?






[AT THE END OF YOUR ROPE?  生きることに疲れた人へ]

One day, suddenly it may cross your mind that your life looks like a rat race, that all the problems with your family and with the environment are more than you can handle, or that you realize you are living to work instead of working to live.  Is there anything you can do when you really are tired of living?  What is Bible's answer to the question?

Let us take a look at the 1st book in the New Testament portion of the Bible, the Gospel According to Matthew, chapter 11, verses 28 through 29.

28)“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
29) Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

So, it says you just have to go to Jesus, but you have every right to wonder.  First, why "yoke", a tool to carry heavy burdens with, when you say you are really tired?  Well, this is where you see a clear difference between the words in the Bible and other religious teachings.

Basically, every religion, which is "benefit seeking", teaches you to earn profits and/or good lucks through your compliance to the “do's and don’ts” prescribed by the religion.  In other words, if you were "good enough", you would get your wishes and your burdens would be miraculously lifted.

The Bible teaches differently.  Yes, it is true God sometimes does run miracles to heal, to restore, to change circumstances and so on.  But, sometimes God may decide to give you the strength and wisdom needed to fight through difficult situations on your own.  How God answers to your specific need is entirely God's choice, and your responsibility is just to trust without doubt that answers He gives are and will always be the best, and to always try to respond with the heart of gratitude, and this is where “being good” comes in.

But, what about "learning from the one who is gentle and humble" part?  How does that relate to the "rest for your soul"?  Looking into Jesus' life in the Bible, you'll see how He did not use force to fight back His attackers, how He displayed His servant's attitude towards His own disciples and others around Him, and how He sacrificed Himself for the benefit of the world.  And, what's incredible is something the Bible teaches, which you can confirm with your own experience, and that is, if you make the decision to make Jesus the leader of your own life and to follow His footsteps to the best of your ability, then you eventually receive the peace of your mind like never before, and very clearly as well.

However, we all have to keep in mind that the most important point the Bible makes is NOT the fact Jesus was the greatest teacher as well as a great historical figure.  Let us discuss that in the next section.

本当に疲れてしまった場合どうしたらいいのか? その解決策を探られた方もいらっしゃるでしょう。答えは見つかりましたでしょうか?


まず、バイブルに如何書かれているか。 マタイによる福音書の11章を見てみましょう。(28~29節)






[WHAT SHOULD I DO THEN?   それでは、具体的にどうすればいい?]

When you hear phrases like "salvation of soul", "accepting Jesus as your savior", "the cross and the resurrection", you may wonder what they mean.  When Christians around you tell you to "just say you believed, and you are saved", you may still be wondering what the meaning of "believing" itself may be.  Don't worry, as you are not alone.

One thing is for sure.  Not a single man understands for 100% what's in God's mind.  Bible tells us about the birth, life, sufferings, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but as far as why God had planned them as they were is concerned, that would be beyond the limitation of human intelligences.

Having agreed on that, there still are things we may understand about Jesus' death and resurrection.  Number one, after having checked and double-checked with God, His father, through a series of prayers, Jesus knew that His being sacrificed was the only way for this world to be saved, and yet was determined to move forward with the way.  In it, a clear message is that Jesus literally loves you and me to death.  Number two, through the resurrection, the ultimate love displayed by Jesus proved to have the power to conquer everything, that is, everything including death.

Then, how would you know, or how could anyone prove, the story about Jesus and His authority to save the world and to connect you and me to God is genuine and true?  For that, the Bible tells us to just accept it as truth.  You may say, "What if I accept it and it turned out to be false?"  That's a valid question.

It might help to think about tens of billions of people, throughout the history, who have accepted the message of love, and to imagine that they have believed only to find out the story to be false.  If so, you know that even the best of self-fulfilling prophecy could not have saved the message from dying out.

The fact is completely the opposite of that, and the tens of billions of people who have accepted the message have enjoyed the new lives with direct connection with God, receiving from Him wisdom, strength, peace, joy and all other blessings, and as they could not help sharing their experiences, they have passed their testimonies onto the following generations, on and on, as we are sharing it here right now.

How about you?  Would you like to give Jesus a shot, as He dares you to make this most important decision you could ever make and is offering to set you free from the world of darkness?  If so, these verses from chapter 10 of The Letter to the Romans in the New Testament show you how.

9) If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
10) For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.
11) The scripture says, “Whoever believes in him will not be disappointed.”

So, the passage says basically two things; to believe and to declare.  In fact, your being in a church or being with a clergy man is not listed here.  In other words, this very action of receiving Jesus is something you can do anytime, anywhere.  Here is just one example of what you may say to God right now at right where you are, but we encourage you to choose your own words.

Dear God, my father, you know I've been living a self-driven life, thinking life without you, but with the determination to believe in myself, is the only "responsible" way to live.  But now, I've realized that trying to live without you is not only what the Bible says to be an estrangement, which is the source of all sins, but also a way which simply did not work for me as I've been surely heading for self-destruction.  From now on, I'm determined to live a life which is to be driven by you through prayers and the reading of the Bible.  Please forgive me for the way I've been living, and guide me through my new life by your spirit.  I declare that your son, Jesus, died to pay for my sin and was raised again so that I could be freed from the power of sin and be eternally connected with you, and also declare that He is living today and right now, listening to this very prayer of mine.  I ask you to be my master and the leader of my life.  Please help me to walk in your way.  In Jesus' name I pray.  Amen.










現実はその正反対で、そのゴスペル・メッセージを受け入れた何百億人もの人たちは、神と繋り、神から知恵や力や喜びや心の平安や解放感 etc.etc.の祝福を受けながら歩む人生の素晴らしさをハッキリと体験して、今もその働きが継続しています。

さあ、それではあなたは如何なさいますか? 一生の中で最も重要な霊的体験になるであろう、闇の世界からの解放を選択しますか?

具体的に如何したら良いか? 新約聖書のローマ人への手紙の10章という箇所にこのように書かれています。(9~11節)





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