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[3] Why it's awesome: Up to three whelps

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Dragon's CallDragons Call

  What is it: A sword full of whelps

  Where to get it: 4% drop from Shade of Eranikus in Sunken Temple

  Why it's awesome: Up to three whelps at a time will aid you in combat by casting Acid Spit. Some classes can dual wield these swords for a whopping six whelps at a time. It's not quite up to Onyxia-level whelp craziness, but it's about as close as a player can get.

  Like the Runeblade, this was one of the few purple weapons that could be obtained from a 5-man dungeon in vanilla.

  1. Frostscythe of Lord AhuneFrostscythe of Lord Ahune

  What is it: The icy grip of death, in scythe form

Where to get it: 0.01% drop from the Satchel of Chilled Goods, your daily reward for killing Ahune, the Midsummer Fire Festival's boss

Why it's awesome: All scythes are cool. This is a known fact. Most are classified as polearms or axes -- unusable by most casters -- but the Frostscythe is one of the few that counts as a staff.

Its on-use effect conjures up a snowstorm wherever you happen to be, chilling drinks and killing small plants. The small drop rate and limited availability keeps these weapons rare, although they have been updated for each expansion.

Unfortunately, the lack of intellect on this staff makes it more of a novelty item than a serious weapon.


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